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AquaMunch AquaFlake Nurture & Grow Flake

AquaMunch AquaFlake Nurture & Grow Flake

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AquaFlake Nurture and Grow Flake Food by AquaMunch™:

Meet AquaFlake’s Nurture and Grow. It’s perfect for baby fish. It’s full of protein and made for growth.

Why AquaFlake’s Nurture and Grow is Great:

  • All About Protein: Lots of protein means your fish grow big and strong.
  • Vitamins Galore: We’ve added lots of vitamins. Your fish will feel great.
  • Good Gut Health: Probiotics are in there too. This means happy tummies for your fish.
  • Clean Water: Our food won’t cloud the water. So, you can always see your fish.
  • Yummy for Fish: They’ll come swimming fast when it’s feeding time.

How to Feed:

Put a small pinch in the water. Wait 2-3 minutes for fish to eat. Do this 1-3 times a day. And remember, keep the pack in a cool spot.

What’s Inside:

  • Protein: 42.1%
  • Fat: 8.5%
  • Fiber: 4.3%
  • Water: 7.7%
  • Ash: 6.9%

Our Ingredients:

First, we have Fish Meal (Salmon), Krill, and Squid. Next, there’s Silkworm, Mussel, and Fly. We also add Spinach, Garlic, Pumpkin, and Spirulina. And to finish, we include Astaxanthin, Clay, Calcium, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and some safe preservatives.

🇦🇺 Made in Australia: Our food is made in Queensland. It’s fresh and it’s the best.

Always Quality: No shortcuts. We give your fish the best.

To wrap up, for strong and happy baby fish, pick AquaFlake’s Nurture and Grow. Your fish will thank you!

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