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Serious About Shrimp

SAS 3 in 1 Starter Pack (Mineral Booster, Shrimp Snow & Shrimp Aid)

SAS 3 in 1 Starter Pack (Mineral Booster, Shrimp Snow & Shrimp Aid)

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Full Life Cycle Shrimp Feeding
45g (3 x 15g of each) packs

Includes a packet of Shrimp Snow, Shrimp Aid and Mineral Booster. Get your shrimp off on the right foot and give them the best chance of growth and colour with SAS 3 in 1. 

The 3 in 1 is the complete starter pack for all new shrimp enthusiasts. Perfect water quality, stacked nutrition for babies and complete dietary requirements for adults. Made from 100% all natural ingredients and packed with vitamins and minerals. By using this 3 in 1 Starter Pack, your shrimp will grow into strong and healthy specimens. Shrimp snow is a broadcast feeder, meaning it will spread throughout the tank without affecting water quality, while Shrimp Aid 

is a highly nutritious dense food for babies and the Mineral Booster will create the perfect environment for shrimp growth and prosperity. Feed a combination of Shrimp Aid and Shrimp Snow 2-3 times per week as much as can be consumed in 24 hours. Mineral Booster can be added at 1 spoon (supplied) 2-3 times a week also.

15g Shrimp Aid

A Food For Baby Shrimp
Nutrient dense. Helps aid baby shrimp in their growth

Nutrition Content
Protein 52%
Fibre 3%
Fat 3%
Ash 0%
Suitable for all caridina and neo caridina species

Peas, spinach, kale, spirulina and bee pollen
Feed to shrimplets daily for their early stage development

15g Shrimp Snow


A perfect food that gets distributed all over the fish tank

Nutrition Content
Protein 14%
Fibre 35%
Fat 4.8%
Ash 4.2%
Suitable for all caridnia and neo caridnia species

Soy beans husks, high in amino acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals
Food will spread out around the tank, this is normal

15g Mineral Booster

Water Quality Royalty

A must have water purifier for both mechanical filtration (visibly crystal clear water) and chemical filtration (packed full of traces).

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