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LCA Tannin Plus

LCA Tannin Plus

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LCA Tannin Plus contains a specialised mix of tannins and a water softening agent.

It can be used to create a natural looking biotopes for South American fish species and increase acidity, providing an environment that mimics their natural habitat.

Tannin-rich waters can also induce breeding and provide fish with other health benefits.

The Calcium de-ioniser in LCA Tannin Plus assists in softening your water while removing toxic Calcium hydroxide.

Dosage Rate:
First dose/at water change - 
5 pumps (10ml) per 40L of water.
More LCA Tannin Plus can be added later as livestock acclimatise
Add directly to your aquarium during weekly water changes based on your total aquarium volume.
As fish acclimatise to tannins and water acidity, you can gradually increase the dosage to your desired level, ensuring acidity is not too high.
Maintain this level at water changes

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