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LCA Planaria Fix

LCA Planaria Fix

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LCA Planaria Fix is specially tailored to safely eliminate aquarium pests including planaria, hydra and vorticella which can all cause deaths in freshwater shrimp.

It is safe for shrimp, fish and aquarium plants.

When LCA Planaria Fix is dosed as per instructions, planaria, hydra and vorticella will be significantly reduced or completely eradicated within 5 days of treatment.

Use 6 pumps (12ml) per 50L .
If planaria, hydra or vorticella are still present within 48hrs repeat treatment. Re-treat every 48hrs until pests are eliminated.
Once final treatment is complete, perform 50% water change.
DO NOT OVERDOSE. LCA is not liable for any livestock damage, injury or death cause by misuse of this product.
Note - Carbon must be removed from your filter before treating with LCA Planaria Fix. Increased aeration is strongly recommended as oxygen levels may be lowered. Remove any pet snails as they can be sensitive to LCA Planaria Fix.
​Siphon any dead planaria/hydra during and after completion of treatment.

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