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LCA Crystal Clear

LCA Crystal Clear

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PLEASE NOTE: You need to purchase a fine mesh bag separately.

LCA Crystal Clear is a synthetic polymer that filters nitrogenous waste and tannins from your aquarium, giving you crystal clear water.

This also allows for better light penetration, encouraging growth in planted tanks when combined with LCA fertilisers and additives.

LCA Crystal Clear can be easily recharged for multiple uses over a period or approx 6 months and treats up to 2500L.

Rinse LCA Crystal Clear before first use in a fine mesh bag, then place the bag in your aquarium filter.
Recharge LCA Crystal Clear when it darkens in colour. 1 out of every 4 recharges will require a bleach recharge as per instructions for saltwater aquariums.
Discard when bleach recharge no longer works or water is not clarified.
Recharging - Freshwater Aquariums:
Dissolve 2 handfuls of non-iodised salt into 1 Litre of water in a plastic container. Leave bag of LCA Crystal Clear in container for 12 hours, rinse well before use.
Recharging - Saltwater Aquariums:
Create a bleach/water ratio of 1:1 in a plastic container. Soak bag of LCA Crystal Clear for 12 hours. Rinse well, then soak in freshwater with 2 tablespoons of LCA Purify or other dechlorinator for 8 hours, then rinse with freshwater again
Check for chlorine odour - if detected, rinse with LCA Purify or other dechlorinator and test again.

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