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DRP Aquatics

DRP 1 Aquatic Growth Formula

DRP 1 Aquatic Growth Formula

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DRP 1 Aquatic Growth Formula

Food Size 0.55-0.99mm - crushable formula

Granule for 1-90 day old fry

What DRP1 and DRP2 can do for your fry:

From research and growing three generations of Geophagus Ramirezi and one generation of Apistogramma Cacatuoides from newly hatched fry to breeding in just 3 months using the DRP1 and DRP2 aquatic growth formula.

I am proud to market this food as the DRP Aquatic Growth to Aquarium fish hobbyists throughout Australia. This food has extreme benefits for enhancing growth rate, colours and fish health of all types, Tropical and Marine. It has the capacity to substitute and replace brine shrimp, micro worm and vinegar eels if required. It can be crushed between your fingers to a size of between 30-80 micron which is smaller than a brine shrimp making this food the only one of its type that can be fed to freshly hatched fry from free swimming to 3 months of age or more depending on the species.

It fills the gap when you do not have micro live foods readily available. This food does not contain any harmful substances as it is used to feed fish that is fit for human consumption globally.

The food is very well absorbed by the fry leaving very little waste. Caution should be taken not to over feed. Food that is not eaten will start to decay in the tank.

This food can be fed to all types of fry and juvenile fish, from surface feeders to mid water and bottom feeders in the Marine and Tropical fish species.

Application of the food to keep it floating is to just sprinkle it softly on the water surface. It will stay afloat for a few minutes for surface feeders. The food will eventually start to sink slowly and mid water feeders will scoop it up. The parts that land at the bottom can be eaten by bottom feeders.

We yet have to find a fish that don't eat this food

Fish health and strength is optimised, mortalities decreased, all with minimal effect on water quality.  Suitable for Marine and Freshwater species. Fingerlings and Juveniles show improved growth rate and enhanced immune systems. Fish colors will come alive naturally (by Krill) during growth. This small granule is easy to powder by rubbing between your fingers for very small fry. Feed only as much as fish will eat in 2 - 3 minutes. Warning - Fish can over eat this food so don't over feed.

  1.  Protein % ...............  51
  2. Fat % .......................11
  3. Fiber % ...................3.5
  4. Ash % ......................15
  5. Calcium % ...............2.3
  6. Phosphorus %.... ....1.5
  7. Moisture %................7
  8. Vits,Min,A-Ox%..10 - 15

Krill meal, Fish Meal, Squid Meal, Potato Starch, Wheat Flour, Fish Oil, Brewers yeast, Calcium Phosphate, Guar gum, Betaine, Licorice plant, Soy Lecithin, Apple Extract and Wheat Germ. Does not contain land animal protein.

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