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S.A.S Shrimp Pops (5 Flavours) 15cm

S.A.S Shrimp Pops (5 Flavours) 15cm

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Smick Aqua Supplies is Australian Made and Owned. We supply high quality shrimp and fish foods as well as mineral supplements, made from the best natural ingredients nature has to offer. We source 100% of our land based ingredients from Australian Farm Co-ops and specialist suppliers while marine based ingredients come from sustainable regulated Australia fisheries and aquaculture.  All of our products are tested in our facility and used by highly regarded breeders and hobbyists throughout the aquarium hobby. Our staff have accumulated over 60 years of experience in the aquarium and aquaculture industry.

Smick Aqua Supplies Shrimp Pops are made from 100% organic Australian ingredients. Each taking almost 48 hours to make with 5 separate layer coatings for your shrimp to enjoy! The ultimate treat for shrimp with the advantage of bringing all the shrimp to the front of the tank, perfect for photos! They contain the S.A.S shrimp mineral and vitamin mix. Intended to be a twice weekly treat.

 Available in 5 flavours plus a combination pack available!

*Please note Shrimp Pops are handmade so can differ in colour and flavour quantity on each individual stick*

PROBIOTIC COMPLTE: Pack of 10 - 15cm sticks - Formulated to provide reliable disease prevetion and treatment by boosting immunostimulants. Also proven to improve growth and feed efficiency. Entirely sourced from sustainable no harvest fish and shrimp meal, spirulina, fortified vitamin and mineral mix with proven probiotic formula. Probiotic Complete Shrimp Pops are suitable for all Caridina and Neo Caridina Shrimp.

POWER PURPLE: Pack of 10 - 15cm sticks - Formulated with the nutritional requirements to assist Blue Cherry Shrimp colouring.

GOLD BARS: Pack of 10 - 15cm sticks - The power of pumpkin with its high levels of carotenoids is a great colour enhancer for YELLOW and BLUE shrimp. Long term use will also contribute to deeper whites on Caridina shrimp.

Protein 10% Fibre 23% Ash 0%

GREEN BACKS: Pack of 10 - 15cm sticks - The combined power of Spinach, Spirulina and Kale provides the ultimate treat for ALL shrimp colours. High in vitamins and minerals for ultimate shrimp health, improved moults and colour intensity.

Protein 40% Fiber 6% Ash 2%

RED RODS: Pack of 10 - 15cm sticks - The power of beetroot is used to enhance colour of RED shrimp with high levels of astaxanthin the foundation of vibrant red shrimp. High in antioxidants and naturally high in vitamins and minerals.

Protein 13% Fibre 23% Ash 0%

ULTRA COMBINATION PACK: Pack of 15 - 15cm sticks - Combo Pack includes 3 Green Back (SSK Spinach Spirulina and Kale Pops). 3 Gold Bars (Pumpkin carotenoid Pops.) 3 Red Rods (Beetroot and Astaxanthin colour enhancers). 3 Power Purple (Proanthocyanidin Blue Colour Enhancing). 3 Probiotic Complete (Probiotic Proven Formula).

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