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Serious About Shrimp

SAS Shrimp Pops (5 Flavours) 15cm

SAS Shrimp Pops (5 Flavours) 15cm

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Now available in every colour and style

The Shrimp Pops that bring out the true colours of your shrimp whilst also keeping them strong and powerful for whatever your aquarium ecosystem has to throw at them.

  • Vitamins and minerals for transfer of proteins
  • The perfect meal for all Caridina and Neo Caridina
  • Molting will be smooth and seamless
  • Proteins and fats for muscular and skeletal definition
  • All Australian ingredients
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Pumpkin
  • Beets
  • Fishmeal
  • Spirulina
  • Astaxanthin
  • Spinach
ALL POPS = Protein 40% Fibre 6% Ash 2%
PROBIOTIC POPS = Protein 10% Fibre 23% Ash 0%
POWER PURPLE: Formulated with the nutritional requirements to assist Blue Cherry Shrimp colouring.

GOLD BARS: The power of pumpkin with its high levels of carotenoids is a great colour enhancer for YELLOW and BLUE shrimp. Long term use will also contribute to deeper whites on Caridina shrimp.

GREEN BACKS:  The combined power of Spinach, Spirulina and Kale provides the ultimate treat for ALL shrimp colours. High in vitamins and minerals for ultimate shrimp health, improved moults and colour intensity.

RED RODS: The power of beetroot is used to enhance colour of RED shrimp with high levels of astaxanthin the foundation of vibrant red shrimp. High in antioxidants and naturally high in vitamins and minerals.

ULTRA COMBINATION PACK: Combo Pack includes 3 Green Back (SSK Spinach Spirulina and Kale Pops). 3 Gold Bars (Pumpkin carotenoid Pops.) 3 Red Rods (Beetroot and Astaxanthin colour enhancers). 3 Power Purple (Proanthocyanidin Blue Colour Enhancing). 3 Probiotic Complete (Probiotic Proven Formula).
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