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Bacteria House Premium LOTUS Bio Rod (Bakki Rod)

Bacteria House Premium LOTUS Bio Rod (Bakki Rod)

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Special lotus root and nanopores provide the ultimate environment for nitrobacteria to grow, thus enhance their performance in dealing with harmful nitrate and nitrite.

  • Ideal biochemical filtration media
  • Filter and mineralize water simultaneously
  • VAST surface area for bacteria cultivation
  • Well-designed formula for fishes growth and health

Filtration media area increase by more than 3 times, reaching up to 3380㎡/L thanks to our patented lotus root plus spiral structure. By such innovation, the bacteria house provides more surface area for bacteria cultivation, thus enhance the filtration effect and effeciency.

Water absorption rate of 80% certifies maximum media filter efficiency

Surface area 3380㎡/L

Size 45×165mm

Neutral 7.0

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