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AquaMunch AquaFlake Super Greens Flake

AquaMunch AquaFlake Super Greens Flake

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AquaFlake Super Greens Flake Food by AquaMunch

Discover the Best 38% Spirulina Fish Food Flake: Super Greens AquaFlake by AquaMunch. Specially Designed for Herbivorous Fish. Packed with a Variety of Nutrient-Rich Vegetables and Diverse Algae Types to Meet Unique Nutritional Needs

Discover the Superiority of Super Greens Flake by AquaFlake 🌿:

  1. The Grain-Free Revolution: Experience Pure, Unadulterated Nutrition with Our Grain-Free Formula, Mimicking a Fish’s Natural Diet for Optimal Nutrient Absorption, Minus the Fillers.
  2. Essence of Purity: We Avoid Irradiation and High Temperatures, Preserving Every Nutrient, Including Vitamins, Proteins, Minerals, and Fibers in Each Flake.
  3. A Pristine Aquatic Environment: AquaFlake Guarantees Water Stability, Multi-level Grazing Sessions Without Compromising Water Clarity.
  4. Premium Ingredient Fusion: Our Blend Is Not Just Fish Food; It’s a Gourmet Experience for Your Beloved Fish. 🐟”

Feeding Instructions:

Sprinkle an apt pinch over the water surface, catering to fish size, ensuring it’s consumed within 2-3 minutes. Recommended feeding is 1-3 times a day. Always store in a cool, dry ambiance, adjusting the portion size as per fish behavior, especially for the young ones or the expectant.

Nutritional Breakdown:

  • Protein: 26.4%
  • Fat: 4.4%
  • Fiber: 13.6%
  • Moisture: 7.1%
  • Ash: 5.7%

The Gourmet List of Ingredients:

Spirulina (38%) , Spinach, Atlantic Krill, Whole Fish meal (Salmon), Pea Protein Isolate, Potato Starch, Cassava, Chlorella, Kelp, Alfalfa, Stinging Nettle, Kale, Garlic, Salmon Oil, Aniseed, Turmeric, Yeast, Astaxanthin, Montmorillonite Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamins and Minerals, Probiotic, and (E202) ,(E332) as a preservative.


🇦🇺 Crafted with Passion in AustraliaNestled in Queensland, AquaFlake guarantees freshness. This locally made produce ensures your fish relish the peak of nutrient quality, straight from our heart.

Quality First: Many imports face nutrient loss from gamma radiation. AquaFlake delivers 100% nutrient integrity.

For those who desire nothing but the best for their aquatic companions: AquaFlake’s Super Greens awaits.

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