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Up Aqua

Up Aqua Shrimp Sand 2kg

Up Aqua Shrimp Sand 2kg

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Up Aqua Shrimp Sand designed for high-class shrimps. This shrimp sand was adopted special formula with refine manufacturing process and through the expert of shrimp-keep to do long time testing, all shrimps not only grew and bred but also increased the survive rate of baby shrimp. It is the best choice of shrimp-keeper.

It contains rich elements especially formulated for shrimps to aid in growth, breeding and increase survival rates in baby shrimp.

  • Not easy disintegration, to reduce labor of reset up aquarium.
  • Montmoduonite addition.
  • Rich of elements.
  • Contains trace minerals vital for shrimps.
  • Easy to maintain, great for breeding.
  • pH value is 6.5 approx.
  • Color: Black.
  • Weight: 2kg.
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