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Aqua Clean

Aqua Clean Hollow Bio Filter Media Balls 500g/700ml

Aqua Clean Hollow Bio Filter Media Balls 500g/700ml

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PLEASE NOTE: This filter media does not come in original packaging. The media is put in a filter media bag with a zipper which can be used in your filter/sump.

  • PH value: 7-7.5
  • Bulk Density: 0.7g/cc
  • Bet Surface Area: 1.1m2/g
  • Open Porosity: 70-80%
  • 1cm diameter

Product description:

High performance bio filter media, For ammonia, nitrite and nitrate removal.

Optimum surface area. Abundant connectivity nano and micro nano pores which provide optimum surface area. It ensures intensive colonisation of nitrifying bacteria

Accelerate the process of denitrification. The hollow cavity of filter medium form a hypoxic or anaerobious environment, accelerate the growth and reproduction of anaerobic nitrifying bacteria.

Better reduction of nitrite loads. Due to the high concentration of nitrifying bacteria, peak ammonia and nitrite loads are more easily reduced.

Mineral dissolution. Variety of trace elements dissolve slowly. Promote metabolism of the fish and shrimps

Suitable for fresh and marine water aquariums

 PH and GH Neutral

Use 1 litre per 200l of water (700ml to approx 140L)

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